Back At It!

Its been awhile since my last post. Things at the homestead were busy and work was equally hectic. Fortunately, I am heading into three weeks of summer vacation and will be getting the rout painted up and ready for the fall.

Why does my Vlyka Fenryka need to be ready you may ask? Well, I aiming to get out on the tabletops in a local tournament. Where I live was not hit that hard during the first wave of COIVD and our re-opening was far faster than other regions. However, only recently has the local tabletop scene sprung back into action. There was a test tourney this weekend and it must have been a sucess because the organizers are running another one in September. I could not be more excited to get my first game of 9th Edition and to get the wolves onto the table. If you are in the New Brunswick/Atlantic Bubble you should check it out:

The last few weeks between posts were not wasted. I made some small progress towards finishing the Blood Claw pack I started. The four Blood Claws and a Pack Leader with Power Fist are painted and based (minus a few pack markings). I am pleased with the base design and will adopt it for the rest of my army. It is supposed to represent a snowy wasteland with some blue etheric warp on the ground; I think it works. Here are some pics! (bases were tidied up afterwards)

Games Workshop even rewarded me for painting up these Blood Claws last week. A recent Warhammer Community announcement revealed that non-primaris or “original” marines were going to move to 2 wounds vice 1, which is a big change in the game. Chainswords are also going to AP-1 as well All told it will make a Blood Claw a S4 T4 W2 4A at AP-1 on the charge. Thanks to Saga of the Beast they also get 1 additional hit on an unmodified rolls of 6 when the assault doctrine is active. While I don’t think I want to have them come in as reinforcements, I do think that I will be pairing them with a Wolf Priest to re-roll those melee hits!

Now that I am staring down three weeks of vacation the hobbying, and as a result, this blog are going to ramp up. I will be aiming for a minimum of two posts a week, hopefully three. Next up in the hopper for projects are:

Wolf Guard Pack Leader with Wolf Claws

Then it will be onto the Assault Intercessors from my Indomitus Box!

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