Playing with Contrast

Well that vacation sure went by fast. Multiple day camps for the kids, a few dentist appointments, and routine housework combined to make the days pass in a blur. Regardless, I did manage to get some hobby in. (As an aside I have started using Hobby as a verb, perhaps a byproduct of watching too many Games Workshop broadcasts.)

I spent the past week working on the Primaris Ragnar Blackmane model from the Prophecy of the Wolf box set. Those long time readers will note that this is in the fact the very first Space Wolves collection that my wife purchased for me as a present and it is the box set that got this blog and subsquent effort to build 2000pts by December underway.

Ragnar is an iconic Space Wolf character in the lore and one that needed an update. While I can’t be positive, I only recently got into the 40K hobby, I did read that Ragnar may have had the same model (below since 3rd edition).

Old School Ragnar

The new sculpt from GW looks amazing. Ragnar got the full Primaris treatment, while still maintaining the characteristics and details of his armour. While some believe Ragnar’s current pose makes him look like he is serving a tennis ball, I think it fits right in with the lore from The Saga of the Beast.

A quality sculpt and a quality GW paint job.

So what paint scheme would befit such an important character in my burgeoning army? I started to experiment with contrast paints with my blood claw packs awhile back, but I wanted something with richer detail, that produced a lighter blue-grey look. Searching through various content creators brought me to this awesome example:

I resolved to give it a go. While I did not have the Apothecary White, I did manage to mix up a subsitute using White Scar and Contrast Medium. Overall, I felt the process was simple and produced decent details. Basically just like GW advertises with their contrast line. My model currently looks like this:

Up next this weekend is finishing up the base, then moving on to a couple of trial paint schemes. For the base I am attempting a sandstone recipe given to me by GW Nick this week during a Hobby Clinic Twitch stream. I will post a gallery when the model is finished/based.

Also coming up this week on the blog:

I detail a recent purchase of some reinforcement units for an upcoming tournament

A discussion of 2 possible paint schemes to use on the army

A birthday post

Stayed tuned!

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