Return of the Blog

Well, it happened. My wife returned home from her stint working overseas. The family is happy, whole, and hale. With her return comes more free time to hobby, as well as restart this blog. While I did not reach the goal of a painted 2000 point Space Wolves army by her return, I did start up several new 40k projects, many of which I intend to share on this site in the coming weeks.

First up will be a series of posts on a Sisters of Battle army I am working on. It will be a homebrew order called ‘The Daughters of Caliban.” The army is not complete, however, I intend on taking you through the background on why I own a Sisters army, the inspiration for the colour scheme and name, and the progress of the army as I attempt to complete it over my Christmas leave.

That is all for now. A more detailed post will follow in the coming days. Until then please accept this offering of one of the first Daughters of Caliban.

The first, but not the last.